The LEAP Institute

LEAP-website_325w_webDr. Amador is the founder of the LEAP Institute, which is based on his research, personal-life and professional expereince as a therapist. LEAP teaches the importance of strong relationships in everything from treating illness, to healthy couples, to effective business practices.

LEAP (“Listen-Empathize-Agree-Partner”) shows you how to quickly gain the trust of someone you are at odds with. When you Listen–Empathize–Agree–Partner, you stop trying to convince the other person he is wrong, or simply misguided and instead listen in a new way that conveys respect for the person’s point of view and complete lack of judgment. Sounds easy, but most people have a very hard time doing this simple thing. It is easy, once you learn LEAP. And the result is an immediate lowering of tension, anger and defensiveness. As you convey genuine understanding, empathy and respect for someone’s point of view, even when you disagree with it, you are free to find common ground on which you can partner. And suddenly, your opinions and advice start to matter a great deal.

LEAP focuses on transforming the relationship first. You do not win on the strength of your argument; you win on the strength of your relationship. With LEAP, your opinions are no longer like a lot of hot air and are more like the wind in a sailboat’s sails that moves the person where you want him—to safe harbors.

LEAP was originally developed to give health care professionals and family members the tools they needed to persuade someone in “denial” about mental illness to accept treatment and services. Since then it has grown into method that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world learn to communicate and partner more effectively. The LEAP Institute was founded by Dr. Amador to continue and grow that goal.