“Dr. Amador’s method takes you by the hand and heart and leads you to an understanding that gives you the power to break the impasse and get what you need. I know of no one even in the same league.”

–Gerry Spence, author of New York Times Best Seller “How to Argue and Win Every Time.”


“[LEAP] gives practical advice and hope to those of us with a loved one who is battling a mental illness.  It provides an easy to understand blueprint that can change and save lives.”

–Pete Earley, New York Times Best Selling author of “Crazy: A Fathers Search Through Americas Mental Health Madness.”


“Xavier Amador knows what he’s talking about. ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ happens every day, [with LEAP] you can win those arguments and find the best way to move forward without burning bridges.”

–Jeffrey J. Fox, author of “How to Become a Rainmaker and How to Become CEO.”


“The techniques Dr. Amador offers are exactly those used in international diplomacy and  conflict resolution situations. [LEAP] is a practical guide to working around and through problems that is useful on many different levels.”

–Robert P. Finn,  Princeton University, and past U.S. Ambassador


“[LEAP] gives specific pointers about how to communicate, listen, and resolve impasses. It’s hard to imagine anyone who couldn’t benefit from this practical and empowering guide to making your relationships better.”
–Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.,  President, International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy